This page is for those of you who have met me in person or seen a picture of me and wondered ‘why the face, whats that face, why that face or whose this fellow’

I often get confused look when I meet people for the first time because I have a full English name “Jeremy Taylor” and look completely a brown Indian! (lol). I can actually make fun of myself because I am an Anglo-Indian – neither 100% Indian nor 100% British or European! My ancestry consists of British (both sides), Scottish (dads side), German-Jew (mums side), Portuguese (mum side) and some strong Indian gene 4-5 generations ago!

Yes, my surname is Taylor – a Scottish family name. My mums maiden name is Irish.

Anglo-Indians are people of a mixture of Indian and British/European ancestry. The community mainly came into being when the British did business and later on ruled India for a total of 335 years. Thats a long time for complete separation between the races. My ancestors weren’t all that racist and I am evidence that my European forefathers in India fancied Indian women!

One interesting side of mine is the German-Jew side. My grandfather’s mother was German-Jew, so that makes him Jewish by birth but he married an Anglo-Indian (Portuguese & British mix) – my mum’s mum. They were the last full-time business people in the family and my grandfather was brilliant, very enterprising and hardworking! Typical! He died in the 60s when my mum was young.

My Dad’s side was a mixture of British police families and little is known of my Dad’s dad, a Scottish man. My grandmother lived till she was 96 – a very hardworking woman who brought up my dad as a single parent.

I basically grew up learning all the values of the Anglo-Indian culture, a good mix of Western and Indian. Traditionally, Anglo-Indians are of Christian or Catholic faith. We traditionally get married in church buildings, are very musical and are a fun loving community.

We dont conform to the stereotypical Indian culture though. Many Anglo-Indians can be found in Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand and the US. Most of them left India after the British left India in 1947. My family decided to stay on though for various reasons. My parents are still in India but I left in 2002 and now I’m glad to be part of a great country – Australia after finding more acceptance here. There are a lot of Anglo Indians in Perth and Melbourne.

We have a great cuisine too. Anglo-Indian food is awesome.


You can read more on my community here:

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  1. Hi, I’m Anglo Indian n my mother was a mix of Irish, Jewish, German. My dad was possibly having Jewish and English blood. I live in Melbourne n know there are many Anglos here. Haven’t met any, though. I met some Burgers from Ceylon who run a restaurant in the city.

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