SharePoint Backup and Restore best practices

Some time ago, I was collecting some Backup & Restore best practices for SharePoint and I came across this post.

It talks about various aspects of backup and restore for a SharePoint farm. Its based on SharePoint 2010 but can be applied to SharePoint 2013.

  • IIS Configurations required in a Disaster Recovery
  • Backup Scenarios
  • Restore Scenarios
  • SQL Backup maintenance plans
  • Overview of monitoring with SCOM (System Center Operations Manager)
  • DPM (System Center Data Protection Manager)

Worth a look:

Install Reporting Services 2008 R2 in Sharepoint Integrated mode via command line

In this article, we will discuss a few things to have you installing Reporting Services 2008 R2 with SharePoint 2010 in ‘SharePoint Integrated mode’ – not NATIVE mode using a config file for the SQL set up (Reporting Services is a SQL product) and also integrating Reporting Services with SharePoint (the Central Admin stuff). Continue reading

Moving SharePoint sites off the system drive – changing IIS virtual directories

A good practice is to move IIS off the system drive to another such as D:

Ok, so you tell your Server guys but they miss out on an important step such as updating the registry to the new D:\inetpub… location. You dont check this since you think they know what they are doing and go ahead and install SharePoint and once you are done, you realise that your Central Admin website has been installed and its virtual directory is located on C: – the system drive.

What now?
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SharePoint 2010 database maintenance

This is a reminder for SharePoint Admins, DBAs and Developers to ensure that they have taken the necessary steps recommended by Microsoft when it comes down to SharePoint 2010 database maintenance.

A few years ago, I posted out a similar ‘reminder’ for SharePoint (MOSS) 2007.

More recently, last year, Microsoft (Bill Baer and Bryan Porter) published a document on SharePoint 2010 database maintenance. Continue reading to get a summary of what is involved in maintaining databases for SharePoint 2010…

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Storage and SQL Server capacity planning and configuration for SharePoint Server 2010

Ever wondered if there is a formula for calculating content database sizes? Want to have a start into learning more about SQL design and database capacity planning for SharePoint 2010?

Luckily, there is an awesome Technet document on SQL server design and capacity planning and it covers some great points to consider when planning your storage with SharePoint 2010.

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SharePoint High Availability (HA) Options – DR, SQL database mirroring, log shipping and clustering


I got a few requests to have this available online.. its a presentation file I put together on SharePoint 2010 High Availability options with SQL.

Here is a link as promised to my presentation (pptx) on SharePoint 2010 High Availability Options.
It covers some basics on Disaster Recovery, SQL database mirroring, log shipping and clustering with SharePoint with some Technet links.
SharePoint 2010 HA Options

If you can contribute to the links to this file or initiate a discussion, send me an email or comment here.
Appreciate your feedback!