PowerShell Commands for SharePoint 2010

Here are some (over 400) PowerShell™ commands for SharePoint 2010! These can be run remotely (Powershell 2.0).
Stsadm will still be functional in SharePoint 2010. Powershell is not DOS based. Its .NET based. 😉

Windows PowerShell™ is the new command-line interface and scripting language specifically designed for system administrators that will be used for Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2010 administration. Although both Cmd.exe and Stsadm.exe environments will be maintained for backward compatibility, SharePoint Server 2010 command-line administration will use Windows PowerShell. For practical purposes, you can view Windows PowerShell as complementing Cmd.exe in the Windows administration context and superseding Stsadm.exe for SharePoint administration. You might ask yourself, What’s so unique about Windows PowerShell? Well, unlike most command-line systems that accept and return text, Windows PowerShell supports and uses XML and objects. XML and object support is a pretty major change that brings entirely new tools and methods to greatly improve control, efficiency, and productivity for developers and administrators.

Hope you find these commands useful for the future. Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference.
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