Building your Network

I recently have started ‘networking’ on LinkedIn and Facebook. I have always stayed away those social networking sites which some claim to ‘steal’ your time. But I could be wrong…

Recently, I have found out its an ideal way to keep in touch with people. Everyone doesn’t have their personal sites (imagine all the Jeremy Taylors eying this domain 😛 – ooh I forgot I own a few other jeremytaylor domains too :D).

Coming back to the main point.. Build An ideal ‘network’ should be of quality. As an IT Infrastructure administrator myself, I always think to myself, what if we lock down on all traffic in and out of our networks. I know some entreprises lock down on outgoing and incoming traffic in networks – why? (ok, I hope I can articulate this well enough..) The main purpose IMO is to conserve bandwidth so that the important /priority traffic flows through without hindrance.
On the other hand, when we consider a social network, would it be biased to say, ‘lets control the traffic’. Lets “lock down” lets “prioritize” the contacts? Can the same be applied as we do it in our ‘IT Networking’ world.

Anyway, I am happy to join LinkedIn and I hope to ‘network’ with like minded people who know that they can make a difference. Entrepreneurs from other industries are welcome :)

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