Retrieve / Decrypt lost password from Application Pools in IIS SharePoint

If you don’t have access to your organisations password safe or if you or your team mate has forgotten to add a password to a certain service account used in SharePoint, it is possible to retrieve the password from IIS!

There is a way to find out the application pool identity password via command line thanks to the inetsrv appcmd! :)

Open IIS and take note of the application pool name that runs the application pool identity with the password you want to retrieve.
In my example, I have demonstrated the extract of the “SecurityTokenServiceApplicationPool“, which runs the SharePoint farm service account as its identity. So, if you are after another application pool, please replace this with the corresponding Application Pool name in your IIS.

Keep in mind – this works for any IIS application pool – SharePoint web app, SharePoint service applications or non SharePoint IIS / .NET sites application pools!

Open a command prompt and run this:

&$env:windir\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe list apppool "SecurityTokenServiceApplicationPool" /text:ProcessModel.Password


Moving SharePoint sites off the system drive – changing IIS virtual directories

A good practice is to move IIS off the system drive to another such as D:

Ok, so you tell your Server guys but they miss out on an important step such as updating the registry to the new D:\inetpub… location. You dont check this since you think they know what they are doing and go ahead and install SharePoint and once you are done, you realise that your Central Admin website has been installed and its virtual directory is located on C: – the system drive.

What now?
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Microsoft SharePoint reporting services SSRS or CRM ASSERT: Assertion failed! un-named assertion fired for component processing Microsoft.ReportingServices.Diagnostics.Utilities.InternalCatalogException

You may receive these errors when generating reports (often large reports) through Microsoft Sharepoint Reporting Services SRSS or Microsoft CRM.

This error appears in the report server log:

ASSERT: Assertion failed! un-named assertion fired for component processing Microsoft.ReportingServices.Diagnostics.Utilities.InternalCatalogException
This error will appear in your web browser when accessing the report:

Reporting Services Error An internal error occurred on the report server. See the error log for more details (rsInternalError)

Install SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3

The cause is SQL server timing values may be incorrect when you use Cool’n’Quiet technology in AMD processors or SpeedStep technology in Intel processors. It can also occur on virtual servers on VMware (Intel or AMD).

Here are some links I hope you may find useful:

Link 1:

Link 1: Mentions that AMD Cool’n’Quiet settings is the culprit, on further reading on the internet, I have found out that this can occur on intel systems (SpeedStep technology) as well.

Link 2:;EN-US;931279

Link 2: States that the issue is a drift may occur between CPU frequency values and the problem was first corrected in SQL 2005 SP 3.
The Microsoft KB article 931279 states that this can occur if we use the CPU stepping or various Windows OS ‘power schemes’ settings. While the former (CPU stepping) is a bit more tricky to check, it would be worth checking the power scheme settings (Start>run>powercfg.cpl).

Link 3: (SQL 2005 SP 3)

Link 3 contains a list of bugs that are fixed by SP3. There evidence that it fixes the SQL server timing values – KB article 931279 (Link 2).

Expand your web server – Free IIS features – URLrewrite, URLrewritevideo streaming, Powershell, URLScan and more!

IIS has greatly changed since I did my MCSE in Windows NT4.0! I did the MCSE+I in the year 2000. The I stood for “Internet” which was essentially IIS.
Now we have IIS 7 and 7.5 and is now built on an open & modular architecture that allows you to customise and add new features through IIS Extensions that are free to use.
Here are some useful extensions that may help you at your work…

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Thank you!

Sylvia and I would like to thank all our family and friends who wished, emailed, prayed, blessed & visited for us. A big thank you to my colleagues in Canberra for their wishes and support. A ‘Tea for Nasia Taylor’ has been organised tomorrow at work and more celebrations to come!

I will be updating more Nasia’s pictures on the picasa gallery link.
Finally, Thank you for visiting my site – I hope you enjoyed it!

Back @ home

Nasia begins her life at her Toongabbie home with both her grandmums visit from overseas and all the care from her parents.
She sleeps soundly after a feed. Not even the neighbourhood rooster can wake her up!

We would love to have you over for a visit! More pictures to be loaded.

Home Renovation

You want to know what happened to me the past couple of years?
Answer: Home Renovation Expert :)

Over the past two years, I have been involved in an on going home renovation project. I found a new skill (skills) in this amazing line of work. No computer screens, no mice, no keyboards, no sitting!
For this, you need to be highly motivated (after a day at work).

The biggest advantages:
1. Appreciate your house value.
2. Exercise.
3. Learn new skills.

Over the past two years..I have stripped wallpaper, repaired and painted walls, cement ‘bagged’ the exterior, cut down trees, put up a bamboo fence in the backyard, established a new lawn from seed, made storage cupboards, put in a flooring for three rooms…

I have only engaged professionals for tasks that I cant do myself; to install about 22 down lights (beautiful!), put in a new kitchen and new bathroom.

A few more tasks are pending which I will do myself:
1. External house painting on my cement textured render
2. a full backyard clean up (getting rid of the recently chopped tree) (completed)
3. Repair the second bathroom
4. Build one wardrobe (from scratch)
5. Mount a new wall clothes line (completed)
6. Establish a new lawn on the roadside footpath
7. Repair the existing lawn (due to my neglect!)
8. A few bits and pieces..

I need to call in two more trades professionals for
1. Roof tile painting
2. Exterior halogen wall mount lights for decoration!

If I had more time, I would.. sand the whole floor (wooden floor boards) and polish, make a new wardrobe for the 3rd bedroom…
I wish I had opportunities to mount gyprock (drywall), Tile laying and brick laying.

If you are interested in pics, please let me know. I have taken pics of everything!