Uninstall Office Web Apps on SharePoint 2010? NO! Deactivate it

Have you installed Office Web Apps on your SharePoint 2010 production farm? If yes, then you have  just married Office Web Apps with SharePoint 2010 for the rest of their lives (well almost!).

Microsoft states that Office Web Apps and SharePoint 2010 are ‘tightly integrated’ and thats absolutely right!

Its so tightly integrated that Office Web Apps uninstalls may not work properly, SharePoint sites are removed, customisations are lost.. and so on.

The solution is to DEACTIVATE Office Web Apps rather than uninstalling it. DONT think of uninstalling Office Web Apps unless you read this full article, clearly understand your environment, take full tested backups of everything and read the links that this articles has.

How to deactivate Office Web Apps?
  • Deactivate the Offiec Web Apps feature
  • Activate OpenInClient feature
  • Delete the Office Web Apps related Service Applications
  • Stop the Office Web Apps related services
Note: You will have to maintain the patching (Service Packs) for Office Web Apps even if you are not using it (deactivated it).

What happens when you uninstall Office Web Apps?

  • All sites, including the Central Administration site, experience a loss in functionality until you have completely uninstalled Office Web Apps and then run the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard on all servers in the farm
  • All Internet Information Services (IIS) Web applications and sites are removed from the server
  • The server is removed from the farm
  • Any customizations that you have made are removed and must be reapplied after you add the servers back to the farm. These customizations include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Changes to the web.config file on Web front-end servers
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates that were added to Web front-end servers
  • Any features that you have deployed manually

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