SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1

Its been over a month since the release of SharePoint 2010 SP 1 and since the list of known issues has not grown, I have the confidence to recommend the installation of Service Pack 1. It was only two days ago when I installed SP1. Generally I recommend Admins to wait a while before installing into their Production servers.

Download it here:

SharePoint 2010 Foundation SP1:

SharePoint Server 2010 SP1:

The install process:

1. Run the exe to extract and install the binaries
Running the exe (installing the binaries) will take 15-25 minutes.
This can be run concurrently on all SharePoint Servers.
2. Ensure that you have ran the exe on all servers in the SharePoint farm.
3. Run the SharePoint Products Config Wizard on all servers in the SharePoint Farm.
The SharePoint Products Config Wizard would take about 5-10 minutes.
This step cannot be run before the previous steps.
This step cannot be run concurrently on other servers in the same farm.
4. Reboot.
Reboot is a requirement as it is listed in the ‘Known issues’ of SP1
5. Restart the User Profile Sync Service (through SharePoint). This can take about 10 minutes.
This is a known issue with SP1.

Some other points:

I had to install the Office Web Apps SP 1 first before I did the SharePoint 2010 SP1.

Since I run SharePoint 2010 Enterprise, I did not install the SharePoint Foundation SP1 – because I extracted the exe and compared it with the SharePoint Server SP1 and all the files have been included.
So, save time and just install the SharePoint Server SP1 and not the SharePoint Foundation SP1 if you run SharePoint Server Standard or Enterprise.

Some Features of the SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1:

• Support for the next version of SQL Server Code Name “Denali”
• Shallow copy functionality allows you to move Site Collections from one Content Database to another Content Database without touching the underlying blob (unstructured) data. Only the pointers are updated. Functionality is provided in the Move-SPSite cmd in PowerShell.
• Site-level recycle bin allows administrators to recover Site Collections and sites that have been accidentally deleted by the owners.
• Improvements to storage management (StorMan.aspx)
SP1 introduces an improved StorMan.aspx, enabling users to better understand what is using up their quota and to act upon that information in order to reduce the size of their sites.
• Cascading filters for Performance Point services
New cascading filter support enables you to pass the value of one filter to another.
• Additional browser support
SP1 provides support for Internet Explorer 9 in Internet Explorer 8 Standards Mode and also provides support for the Google Chrome browser.

Cumulative Updates in SharePoint SP 1:

SP 1 includes all SharePoint 2010 updates upto and including April 2011 CU. It does not include the June 2011 CU. You must apply that separately. I encourage you not to rush and install the June 2011 yet. Only apply it if it fixes a specific issue you are experiencing.

SharePoint 2010 SP 1 also provides a number of fixes to improve the user experience.

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