Is Microsoft SQL Server clustering supported on VMware?

When planning SharePoint environments in a fully virtualised environment, a very relevant (and appropriate) question to ask is… “Is Microsoft SQL Server clustering supported on VMware?”

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Is Microsoft SQL Server clustering supported on VMware?

The answer:

It is supported through SVVP!
SVVP –  Server Virtualization Validation Program.

Some points to note in the SVVP:

Receiving Support
Customers can initiate support with the virtualization solution provider or Microsoft through existing channels for issues related to Windows Server running on a validated virtualization solution. Microsoft only supports Microsoft’s products and will not be able to provide support for other companies’ solutions. Microsoft and the virtualization solution provider will collaborate through TSANet if the root cause is believed to be from the other party’s software and assistance is needed to resolve the issue.

Participating Vendors
The following companies who supply server virtualization software to the marketplace have formally committed to participate in the Server Virtualization Validation Program. Microsoft is working with them to validate their solutions as platforms for Windows Server 2008. Please contact them directly for any additional information.
CA Technologies
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Citrix Systems, Inc.
Hitachi, Ltd.
Novell, Inc.
Oracle, USA Inc.
Parallels Software International, Inc.
Red Hat, Inc.
Riverbed Technology, Inc.
Sun Microsystems
Unisys Corp.
Virtual Iron Software
VMware, Inc.

Read more on the SVVP here:

Since a lot of my clients run their virtualised infrastucture with VMware, here are some links that I found specifically for VMware environments.

VMware vSphere support for Microsoft clustering solutions on VMware:
Best Practices for Microsoft SQL Server and VMware Virtual Infrastructure:


If you are looking at Microsofts Support Policy on SQL Server products in a hardware virtualization environment:



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