SharePoint 2010 screenshots & videos

Are you wanting to know what SharePoint 2010 looks like? I was thrilled to see the changes in SharePoint 2010.

There are three videos from Microsoft, which has sneak peak of SharePoint 2010. Its quite a good tour of SharePoint 2010.
You will get to see Central Administration, Best Practices Analyzer, Developer Tools, Visual 2010 SharePoint tools, the new “Ribbon” and much more!

SharePoint 2010 Central Admin 1

SharePoint 2010 Central Admin 1

The first video is an Overview by Tom Rizzo, Senior Director, SharePoint
The second video is for IT Professionals by Richard Riley, Technical Product Manager
The third video is for Developers by Paul Andrew, Technical Product Manager

I appreciate any comments..

Click here to watch the videos

5 thoughts on “SharePoint 2010 screenshots & videos

  1. I see there are a lot of improvements in SharePoint 2010 and new admin tools – more granular backups, patch and product installation status, best practices analyzer, etc.
    No doubt there will be a learning curve on the ribbon and new options there, but one thing disappointing is no one talks about the limitations of STSADM – which I hope they improve!

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