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Did you know there are best practices for SharePoint 2007 or MOSS 2007? I came across a Resource Center for SharePoint best practices by Microsoft.
Now, before you go off googling again, I thought it handy for you to read this post and visit the Microsoft link below..

Here are a list of best practices in the key areas of:

Operational Excellence, Publishing Portals, Team Collaboration Sites, Capacity Management, Search, My Sites, Developing Custom Applications

Operational Excellence

  1. Use 64-bit hardware, plenty of memory, and fast network cards
  2. Stay close: Do not put too much network distance between front-end Web servers, application servers, and database servers
  3. Configure front-end Web servers and application servers with performance and availability in mind
  4. Read details and more best practices…

Publishing Portals

  1. Deploy at least three front-end Web servers
  2. Make query-driven Web Parts efficient
  3. Make sure that lists and databases follow recommended limits to optimize query performance
  4. Read details and more best practices…

Team Collaboration Sites

  1. Deploy 64-bit architecture across the farm
  2. Plan and allocate database servers to support collaboration
  3. Monitor sites and content and perform clean-ups regularly
  4. Read details and more best practices…

Capacity Management

  1. Document and refine your capacity planning strategy
  2. Revisit as assumptions become more concrete
  3. Conduct rapid capacity planning early in the process
  4. Read details and more best practices…


  1. Plan your deployment
  2. Start with a well-configured infrastructure
  3. Manage access by using Windows security groups
  4. Read details and more best practices…

My Sites

  1. Consider My Sites to be mini “team collaboration sites”
  2. Plan for My Site content databases
  3. Plan for My Site storage quotas
  4. Read details and more best practices…

Developing Custom Applications

Read more from Microsoft:

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