Microsoft SharePoint 2010 – features, system requirements

Microsoft will ship the new SharePoint 2010 along with Office 2010 in the first half of next year (Beta – late 2009).
There has been a few questions about the name of SharePoint 2010.
Basically, we presently have three SharePoint server versions:
1. Windows SharePoint Services
2. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Standard
3. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise

From now onwards it will be just Microsoft SharePoint 2010 (without the “office”).

There has been a few name changes to SharePoint in previous years, but I wont go into that now.

Some of the main systems requirements are:
1. Requires 64bit Microsoft Windows 2008 or 64bit Microsoft Windows 2008 R2

2. This implies it requires 64 bit hardware on its environment
3. No support for Internet Explorer 6 anymore – only IE 7 and above (XHTML 1.0 compliant)
4. SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 on 64 bit

Some of the features are:

Better support for Internet facing sites
More security features & flexibility in managing permissions
Email management for users
Faster search
More storage options such as SAN, NAS, RAID etc. (currently only SQL)
Improved taxonomy management

Better Dashboards and reports
Records and archiving policies
Easy to use templates
More commands
Microsoft Groove is renamed as ‘SharePoint Workspace Manager’
Integration with other CMS products
Improved infopath form capabilities
More workflow types
Native support for Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and Opera
Better support for Mobile devices
Easy migration from SPS2003 and MOSS 2007
Snapshot backup and recovery
Granular recovery at item level

In time, I will discuss migration strategies and planning your new SharePoint 2010 upgrade.
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4 thoughts on “Microsoft SharePoint 2010 – features, system requirements

  1. Hello Jeremy,

    You say that SP 2010 will afford easy migration from SPS2003 and MOSS 2007. We are currently in SPS2003 and have been told that we have to migrate to 2007 BEFORE we can move to 2010. Is that true?



    PS – very cute baby photos :)

  2. Hi Terri, Microsoft is bring out an ‘Upgrade checker’ but I believe this is only for WSS 3.0 and 2007. Read more here:
    My advice is to wait for more official news from Microsoft when they release the beta version of SharePoint 2010 before you migrate to 2007. We will have more information about this. I have worked with many Microsoft products where I have migrated my clients from an old version to the latest version (skipping a middle version) without any hassles.

    Here is something worth considering.. the worst case scenario is, upgrade your SPS 2003 to 2007 (using a MOSS 2007 enterprise trial key) and then on to SharePoint 2010..
    Let me know how you go.

  3. Jeremy,
    I have an Energy Trading customer (Oil&Gas, Power) who wishes to implement a forms routing, business process control, electronic document management system, with eventual document archiving. My experiences with MOSS have been where its mainly used as an Archive solution for important Project ‘Documents of Record’. Everyone always ‘talks’ about document routing, and electronic signature.
    – Can MOSS 2010 address these needs?
    – What is it bringing to help Enterprise customers?
    – Do you know of any Trading applications which use MOSS for Forms management and routing?
    – Am I lost here?

    Thanks for your excellent attention to MOSS.
    Keep up the good and vigilant work.

  4. hello
    i m prof in Moroco university i want to know :
    Is it possible to use one sharpoint version with windows xp for rechearch ?

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