SharePoint MOSS 2007 & WSS 3.0 – SP2 issues & fixes

The long awaited Service Pack 2 for SharePoint – MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0 is out! There is much talk about installing it to fix certain security and performance issues.

But wait! Do you have an environment to test the installation? Have you read the known issues of SP2?

You will get a lot out of SP 2 if you run SharePoint as an intranet site as it has plenty of fixes for other office products integration.
Click here to read more on the fixes

It is important to read the list of know issues of SP 2 as well.
Click here to read more on the issues

I personally have had issues installing SP2, so taking time to plan and test is absolutely essential!
Download links:

2007 Microsoft Office Servers Service Pack 2 – MOSS 2007 SP2
Click here

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2) – English
Click here

3 thoughts on “SharePoint MOSS 2007 & WSS 3.0 – SP2 issues & fixes

  1. just installed SP2 for WSS and MOSS. We now have an issue where managers are getting notifications about my site pages being deleted for their employees. We are connected to AD. Did you experience this, any fix?


  2. Hi jermy

    Could you please provide a post on sharepoint search 2010 problems and fixes.

    Now the boom in on sharepoint 2010 and the people also didn’t have any practicle knowledge on this

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