SharePoint slow start – warm up script

Imagine accounting for the time spent waiting for SharePoint to start up in the morning or after a server reboot or an iisreset?

It takes such a long time to load, but after it has loaded, then SharePoint behaves normally. The cause for this is when your Application pool is recycled in IIS. By default it recycles at 2:00AM daily.

The best way to ‘Warm Up’ SharePoint is to run some scripts that would fire up SharePoint in the wee hours of the morning. Read more on how to get this script..

Click here to download contains the following 3 files:

Startup.bat – Calls the warmupserver.cmd script and passes in the servername parameter (modify this to fit the hostname of your server)

Warmupserver.cmd – checks for servername parameter then leverages the HttpRequest.vbs script to hit the relevant admin pages (change the pages and ports to the relevant ones)

HTTPRequest.vbs – This script executes an HTTP query using the XMLHTTP object

Read more here:

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6 thoughts on “SharePoint slow start – warm up script

  1. editing HOSTS works for both SQL Server Management studio slow start up and Sharepoint slow load. just adding a line as below to HOSTS and go!

  2. Hi,

    can we add some code to identify the failed request to the server for any particular website.
    please suggest.

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